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During the winter season, 18 airlines will operate flights to 76 destinations; among them is Laudamotion Austrian low-cost airport, which will start its service from Riga Airport to the Austrian capital of Vienna and will offer four flights weekly.


State institutions in the airport

Apart from the structural units of the RIGA International Airport, there are affiliates also of other public authorities in the airport that ensure the observation of laws, provisions and order in the airport.

Police department of RIGA International Airport

Tasks of the Police:

  • to ensure the safety of persons and society;
  • to prevent crime and other breach of law;
  • to disclose crime, to look for persons that have committed crime;
  • to render help to persons, institutions, companies and organizations as stated by the law in protection of their rights and implementation of statutory obligations;
  • within the competence to execute administrative penalties and criminal penalties.

T: (+371) 6 7207 002

The Riga Customs Post Division of SRS Customs Board, Airport Customs Checkpoint

Tasks of the Custom:

  • to ensure customs control of goods and other things, incidence of customs duties and dues thereof, levy of customs duties and dues  and execution of customs control, as well as protection of state economic border;
  • to cooperate with foreign customs offices when arresting smuggled cargos and preventing import and export of conventionally prohibited goods.

T:+371  67120185
Fax: +371 67122914


I cat. Border Checkpoint of the airport “Riga”

Tasks of the Border guards:

  • Not to permit that persons or vehicles cross the state border, cargos and other things are shifted over the state border outside the places defined for this purpose or in other illegal way, to reveal and arrest border violators, as well as to reveal violators of the regime of borderland, frontier zone, border checkpoints and points of entry;
  • To prevent independently or together with customs offices illegal shift of goods across the state border that are prohibited to import in the territory of Latvia and in transit through the territory of Latvia. Not to permit shift of goods across the state border avoiding the customs control
  • To maintain state border, border region and points of entries;
  • To consider the administrative offence cases and impose administrative penalties within the competence.

T: (+371 ) 67075616

Food and Veterinary Service, Boarder Crossing Checkpoint „Riga Airport”

The task of the Food and Veterinary Service:

To perform veterinary, food safety, non-food product safety, fitosanitary, quality and classification compliance control on the external border of the European Union in order to prevent the spread of products and diseases harmful to the health and lives of the consumers and the environment in Latvia and other European Union member states.

T: (+371) 67295409, GSM: (+371) 29104734, Fax: (+371) 67207908.


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