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During the winter season, 18 airlines will operate flights to 76 destinations; among them is Laudamotion Austrian low-cost airport, which will start its service from Riga Airport to the Austrian capital of Vienna and will offer four flights weekly.


Documents for travelling

Going abroad make sure you carry along the following documents:

  • A valid passport. Check at the appropriate embassy what validity term is required for the passport in the country you intend to visit.
  • Child’s documents. Going on a travel, children also need a passport.
  • Immigration visa, unless the country you are visiting has adopted a visa-free arrival procedure. We ask to get in touch beforehand with the representation of the respective country to obtain the necessary visa information.
  • European health insurance card (EHIC) and/or private health and life insurance policy also covering repatriation costs to the home country in case of death or serious disease of a person.
  • The necessary documents for your or papillary under-age children allowing them to travel together with you.
  • Copies of the travelling documents, tickets and insurance policies in case the originals get lost during the travel.
  • Travelling with pets, make sure that all the necessary notes about the vaccinations are in the pet passport according to the requirements of the destination country.

As of 20 November 2017, passports of Latvian citizens issued between 1 July 2002 and 19 November 2007 with a validity period of 50 years, and passports of Latvian non-citizens (alien’s passports) issued between 10 April 1997 and 19 November 2007 with a validity period of 50 years will no longer be valid for travelling.

While being abroad, please pay particular attention to safekeeping of your documents, especially the passport. If your passport is lost or stolen, seek help in the nearest consular mission of Latvia or the Consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (24-hour telephone number for emergencies:  +371 26 33 77 11.
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