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During the winter season, 18 airlines will operate flights to 76 destinations; among them is Laudamotion Austrian low-cost airport, which will start its service from Riga Airport to the Austrian capital of Vienna and will offer four flights weekly.


Online check-in


Who can check in?

Clients of the following airlines: airBaltic, Ryanair, Finnair, Lufthansa, Norwegian,  Aeroflot, Utair, LOT and Wizz Air. Each airline has specific rules of starting and finishing checking in. Therefore we advise you, before checking in, to find out more about these rules on your airline’s website.

Checking in on the Internet is not available in the following cases:

  • If you need a visa for the country of your destination. Airlines are forbidden to carry to such countries passengers without all the necessary documents, therefore the airport check-in staff must check the validity of your passport, visa and travel documents. In this case please check in at the airport check-in desk.
  • If the country of your destination requires the passengers’ passport data, that must be secured by the airline prior to departure. In this case please check in at the airport check-in desk.

Where can I check-in?

On your airline’s website, if your airline provides such an option.

Can I check in my baggage?

You can’t check in your baggage online. You can do it at the baggage drop-off desk in the airport’s check-in area.

If you have only hand baggage with you, after checking in online you can proceed to the security clearance and then to the aircraft.

How do I check in online?

  1. Open the home page of the chosen airline.
  2. Enter your booking reference and your surname. If required by the airline, enter your passport data.
  3. Choose a seat (For the passengers of the airlines Ryanair and Wizz Air, both paid seats of their choice and the seats allocated free of charge by the carrier are available.).
  4. Print out a boarding pass.

Registration in self-check-in kiosks will take just a few minutes.

Airlines which offers the on-line registration:


If you have questions or need assistance, please apply to the customer service centre of you airline company


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