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New winter season flights from Riga Airport: Kiev/Zhulyany (Wizz Air), Edinburg (Ryanair). Enjoy the flight!



Attention departing passengers! Due to the increasing passenger traffic through RIGA International Airport please check-in at least two hours before the flight.

RIGA International Airport wishes you a pleasant trip!

The beginning of check-in depends on airline requirements and the number of passengers for the flight.

Some airlines have introduced a charge for checking in at the airport and/or online.
When booking a ticket, please find out more about the airline’s checking-in rules.

Generally, for scheduled flights you can check in the whole day through. The official beginning of check-in is 2 hours before departure or in some cases from 1,5 to 1 hour before departure.

Check-in ends 30 - 40 minutes before departure, later check-in and departure may be denied. For major flights, especially, when flights are full up, check-in ends 40 minutes before departure. Please, consult your airline, if you require further details.

Boarding starts 30 to 20 minutes before departure or even 40 minutes before departure for major flights. Boarding gates close no later than 10 minutes before departure. At this moment all passengers should be on board and the doors of the aircraft should be closed. For different airlines time may vary from 20 to 8 minutes before departure.

Why punctuality is so important? First of all, to allow the aircraft leave on schedule. Even a few minutes delay causes considerable loss for airlines; therefore aircrafts are not delayed without a serious reason.

During the period from the end of check-in up to departure the last passengers manage to pass through passport control and security control and arrive for boarding on time; luggage loaders manage to load checked luggage in the aircraft; check-in collects data on the number and weight of passengers and baggage; catering company prepares and delivers the necessary number of catering to the aircraft; flight coordinators prepare aircraft weight and balance sheet required upon aircraft take-off and landing.

When all the passengers are on board, in the winter season aircraft anti/de-icing is carried out, so that external mechanisms of aircraft wings and tail move freely and do not freeze.

For that reason we would very much appreciate passengers arriving for check-in and boarding early enough.

In case you have questions or complaints please call RIGA International Airport inquiries service 1817 (pay call).


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