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During the winter season, 18 airlines will operate flights to 76 destinations; among them is Laudamotion Austrian low-cost airport, which will start its service from Riga Airport to the Austrian capital of Vienna and will offer four flights weekly.


Aviation security requirements

The European Commission has approved a list of articles prohibited on passenger aircrafts, which is effective in the EU member states. The list includes articles and substances, which are either strictly forbidden to be carried on civil aviation aircrafts or permitted under special conditions.

Moreover, the above document of the European Commission and national aviation security programme provides that aviation security officers are authorized to add other seemingly innocent articles or substances to this category and forbid carrying them aboard the aircraft.

All articles and substances, which can be used for attack or defence and can pose a risk to the security/safety of flight and the health or life of persons, are defined as prohibited articles. Such seemingly innocent items as a pocket knife, a lighter shaped like a firearm, skateboards, skates, different souvenirs, which can be used for physical injury, and even alcoholic drinks stronger than 70% fall into this category. The majority of articles included in the list are permitted to be carried in the checked baggage.
If during security control a prohibited item is found on your person or in your baggage, you may be prosecuted under Administrative or Civil Code of Latvia Republic.

If there is no ground for criminal and / or civil prosecution and the other circumstances permit that, the passenger may be allowed to: 

  • consult with the airline for possible assistance in placing the prohibited article/substance in the checked baggage;
  • return to check-in area and carry the article/substance to his/her car or otherwise dispose of it; 
  • voluntarily place the item in the prohibited items' container at the security checkpoint.

To avoid misunderstandings and conflicts during security control we recommend:

  • to place in your hand baggage just those items, which you will need during the flight;
  • to consult the carrier's agent concerning the prohibited items while purchasing your ticket, because the airline is authorized to impose additional restrictions on the prohibited articles/substances aboard their aircrafts;
  • before checking-in, have a look at the prohibited items' information posters which are displayed in the check-in area.

According to the rules of Uzbekistan Airways and the Civil Aviation Agency of Uzbekistan the passengers travelling on Uzbekistan Airways flights are prohibited to carry safety matches and cigarette lighters on board the aircraft.

Latvian Civil and Criminal Code envisage the following measures of punishment in case of infringement of regulations

Making a deliberately false statement concerning placing an explosive, toxic, radioactive or bacteriological substance or material or explosive device into an institution, enterprise or other facility or placing it outside an institution, enterprise or any other facility - may be condemned to: up to five years in prison or arrest; or a fine may imposed of up to 100 monthly salaries/ Criminal Code – clause 231/

Unauthorized transporting of highly flammable items or substances by air may be condemned to - up to two years imprisonment or arrest; or a fine can be imposed of up to 50 monthly salaries.

The same activities, if they have resulted in heavy consequences can be condemned to – imprisonment from 3 till 10 years / Criminal Code – clause 247/

In case of infringement of regulations concerning transporting of hazardous items or substances by air – a fine can be applied of up to 350 EUR and confiscation of the above mentioned items and substances. /Civil Code – clause 112/

We remind you that smoking is prohibited at the airport's passenger terminal

Smoking at the terminal and airport territory  is allowed only in designated sites.


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