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During the winter season, 18 airlines will operate flights to 76 destinations; among them is Laudamotion Austrian low-cost airport, which will start its service from Riga Airport to the Austrian capital of Vienna and will offer four flights weekly.


SJSC Riga International Airport Internal Rules

1. General Provisions

1.1. These Rules govern the behaviour of individuals and shall apply to passengers and visitors (hereinafter - Persons) who use the services of SJSC Riga International Airport (VAS "Starptautiskā lidosta "Rīga"") (hereinafter - the Airport) or visit the Airport.
1.2. The Airport is an object of critical infrastructure and increased security.
1.3. The basic function of the Airport is to provide:
1.3.1. secure and high quality passenger service; and
1.3.2. safe civil aviation air carrier flights.
1.4. Persons using the Airport services or visiting the Airport, shall reckon with the specific nature of the Airport environment and comply with the requirements set out in these Rules.
1.5. Only Persons who can provide a valid flight document (printed out or in electronic form) or demonstrate in any other way their status of a passenger are allowed to stay in the Airport terminal from 24:00 to 04:00.
1.6. Persons who are meeting arriving passengers during the period from 24:00 to 04:00, are entitled to stay in the respective arrivals hall of the Airport terminal where the passenger is arriving, with the maximum length of the stay - 30 minutes. In case the arriving flight is delayed, the rights of the person to stay in the arrivals hall of the Airport terminal is extended to the moment when the arriving passenger comes to the arrivals hall.
1.7. When in the Airport, Persons shall comply with generally accepted norms of behaviour, maintain cleanliness, order and public decency.

2. Rights of the Persons
2.1. To receive the services provided at the Airport.
2.2. To use public premises of the Airport terminal according to their purpose.
2.3. To receive flight information at the disposal of the Airport.
2.4. To receive information on restrictions and prohibitions relating to carriage of items or substances in an aircraft.
2.5. To receive an explanation in case a Person is given a warning, reproach, or a restriction has been applied.

3. In the Airport territory (including the terminal) it is prohibited:

3.1. to carry an open beer or other alcoholic beverage container or alcoholic beverages in any open container or package, except for specially permitted places where alcoholic beverages are sold for consumption on the spot;
3.2. to behave in an offensive, rude or aggressive manner, to consume alcoholic beverages outside catering premises, or to use narcotic, psychotropic, toxic or other intoxicating substances anywhere within the Airport territory;
3.3. to smoke at the terminal entrances or other places not intended for this purpose;
3.4. to relieve oneself in places not intended for this purpose;
3.5. to make noise or otherwise interfere with work performed by other Persons and/or employees working at the Airport;
3.6. to leave personal belongings unattended;
3.7. to place luggage and other personal belongings in areas where they hinder or impede the movement of other Persons and/or employees working at the Airport;
3.8. to wear staining or smelling clothing, or use food or chemical substances that can damage or stain premises and/or clothing and belongings of other Persons;
3.9. to move around the Airport terminal on a bicycle, roller skates, skateboards or other means of conveyance, with the exception of persons with reduced mobility with special means of conveyance;
3.10. to walk a dog without a leash or muzzle;
3.11. to write on, draw on, paint or otherwise damage the Airport buildings and/or equipment;
3.12. to move any prohibition, restriction and information signs;
3.13. to bring indoors and place at the buildings highly flammable or other dangerous substances, except in cases where the substance is adequately packed and prepared for its safe transportation by air;
3.14. to climb on terminal chairs, benches or other surfaces not intended for this purpose;
3.15. to take photos and film employees working at the Airport, processes taking place at the Airport, security infrastructure, facilities or equipment;
3.16. to dun with begging and/or fortune telling;
3.17. to use pyrotechnic articles;
3.18. to sit on the stair railing or the other places not intended for this purpose (such as heating radiators).

4. Without previous coordination with the Airport Administration it is forbidden:
4.1. to place advertisements or announcements;
4.2. to take photographs and/or film for commercial purposes or for use in the media;
4.3. to offer or sell any goods or deal with any type of business activity;
4.4. to organise public events;
4.5. to play musical instruments;
4.6. to play loud music or other sound recordings;
4.7. to collect money or gifts.

5. Rights of the Airport
5.1. Employees of the Airport Security Department who ensure security at the Airport, have the right:
5.1.1. to restrict the entry and stay of a Person in the Airport terminal, if he/she violates the requirements of these Rules;
5.1.2. to detain a Person who is suspected of having committed a criminal offence or an administrative violation, and immediately inform the State Police thereof;
5.1.3. to use physical force and special means as provided for in the Law on Security Guard Activities to prevent a public order violation or a criminal offence. In this case, the offender or the Person who has committed the offence, is immediately handed over to the State Police;
5.1.4. to restrict the entry and/or stay of Persons in the Airport area without a warning, if it is due to emergencies or other incidents that may affect or threaten security at the Airport or safety, life or health of Persons;
5.1.5. to stop an action of a Person if it threatens security at the Airport or life/ health of other Persons/employees;
5.1.6. to hand over to the State Police any unattended belongings or transfer them for storage to the Airport unit, which ensures storage of belongings (for a certain period) in accordance with the Airport's internal documents;
5.1.7. to request to delete any photo and video material if it involves employees working at the Airport, processes taking place at the Airport, security infrastructure, facilities or equipment;
5.1.8. to request a Person to move his/her vehicle, if the Road Traffic Regulations regarding stopping and parking of vehicles have been violated. If the Person does not obey the demand, the Airport personnell will call the State Police.


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