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New summer season flights from Riga Airport: Lviv, Stuttgart, Dublin, Kos, Menorca (AirBaltic), Prague (Ryanair). Enjoy the flight!


Luggage Storage & Wrapping

Luggage storage facilities are located in arrival sector „E” on the 1st level. 

You can find Luggage wrapping facilities at RIGA International Airport  terminal, 2nd floor, public zone, registration sector "F".

Luggage storage services and prices

Storage of Luggage (per item)

  • 2.50 EUR for 12 hours on the first day
  • 3.00 EUR for 24 hours, starting from the second day
  • 1.00 EUR for 24 hours, starting from the second month

Storage of clothing (per item)

  • 1.50 EUR for 24 hours

Storage of small, prohibited items not premitted to carry into the Security restricted area. (per item set)

  • 1.50 EUR for 24 hours

Fee for storage of unattended belongings, starting from second day - 5.00 EUR

Charge for lost luggage number - 14.50 EUR

Working hours: 24h/ 7 . Breaks from 13:00 – 13:30, 18:00 – 18:30 and 01:00 - 02:00

T: (+371) 67 668 253 / 25440097

Baggage will be disposed if it is located in baggage storage for longer than 6 months and the owner has not made the payment of the left baggage and has not taken baggage.
Buy your travel bag at the airport!

For more comfortable travelling, bags and luggage safety locks are now on sale at the airport’s luggage storage area on the ground floor in the Arrivals Hall E.   



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