Contract has been Signed for the Construction of a Train Station at Riga Airport

Construction of the railway station, the associated infrastructure and viaduct at Riga Airport will be carried out by the association of three companies “PROSIV” (“Sintagma” (Italy), “Prodex” (Slovakia) and “Vektors T” (Latvia)).

The total length of the line to be designed is 4.4 km. The railway station at Riga Airport will be located on a viaduct (stretching across the Airport area for 2 km), at the same level as the terminal's check-in hall. There will be a 400-metre-long platform, which provides service to international trains and shuttle. Within the framework of this project, a new railway crossing over K.Ulmana Street will be constructed, a bank stretching from Imanta to the Airport (2.3 km in length). The development of infrastructure will also allow for the creation of a connection for a freight branch in the Airport area.

This will be the first construction project of a railway viaduct and a 1435 mm standard railway line in Latvia, and it is the first construction project of a new passenger station since 1937.