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During the winter season, 18 airlines will operate flights to 76 destinations; among them is Laudamotion Austrian low-cost airport, which will start its service from Riga Airport to the Austrian capital of Vienna and will offer four flights weekly.


The first Rail Baltica construction design and supervision contract signed in the Baltics

On March 20 the first Rail Baltica construction design and supervision contract on the construction design of Rail Baltica’s airport Riga railway station, related infrastructure, and viaduct was signed during a formal event. It was signed by the European gauge project implementer in Latvia “Eiropas Dzelzceļa līnijas” SIA and the winner of the open international tender - partnership of suppliers from three countries „PROSIV” („Sintagma” (Italy), „Prodex” (Slovakia) and „Vektors T” (Latvia)).

The total length of the railway line to be designed is 4.4 km. Rail Baltica railway station at Riga airport shall be located on a viaduct (stretching across all the airport territory for 2 km) on the same level with the perspective terminal's check-in hall. A 400 m platform is provided that shall ensure service of the international and short-distance (incl. shuttle) trains. Within the framework of this project also a new railway crossing over K.Ulmaņa Gatve, embankment in the section from Imanta to the airport (2.3. km in length) will be constructed. The development of the infrastructure will also allow the creation of a cargo link to the airport territory.

Andris Linužs, Member of the Management Board of „Eiropas Dzelzceļa līnijas” (EDZL): „It will be the first construction project of the railway viaduct and 1435mm standard railway line in Latvia, as well since 1937 – the first construction project of a new passenger station. When implementing the project the continuity of the airport infrastructure and business within its territory will has to be ensured. It shall require a careful planning of construction works as international airport Riga will simultaneously carry out a number of ambitious projects: along with the construction of Rail Baltica station, the 6th round of the expansion of the airport terminal and the construction of a new air traffic control tower is also planned.” A. Linužs adds that this, the first Rail Baltica construction design and supervision contract concluded in the Baltics, is due to successful teamwork of ELDZ, Ministry of Transport, airport Riga and the joint venture of all three Baltic States RB Rail. The international tender „The construction design of Rail Baltica’s airport Riga railway station, related infrastructure, and viaduct” was published on November 4, 2016 and ensured equal competition for all potential tenderers, and provided an opportunity for both the individual companies and the partnerships of suppliers established by the companies to participate therein. The partnership of suppliers „PROSIV” has been selected as the winner of the international tender, which will have to elaborate the construction design during 17 months after concluding the construction design and supervision contract, as well will carry out the author supervision during the construction works. The total amount of the contract is 4.5 million euro.

Ilona Līce, the Chairman of the Management Board of International airport Riga: „A modern and up-to-date airport is not imaginable without a connection to a railway system. For Riga airport, which is developing more and more faster and serving more and more passengers (already more than 6 million in 2017), this element has so far been a major drawback. The construction of Rail Baltica is in line with the long-term development of the airport as it will strengthen the role of Riga airport as the main transport hub of the Baltics and will improve Latvia's interconnectivity with other European Union countries, will expand the range of potential passengers of Riga Airport both towards Lithuania and Estonia, and will provide additional facilities for passengers to get from the airport to the city.”

Baiba Rubesa, the Chairman of the Management Board and Executive Officer of RB Rail AS: „This is the first signed construction design contract of Rail Baltica Global project in the Baltic States. We appreciate the great work of EDZL in organizing the tender process, where the experience and lessons learned are used throughout the project. Rail Baltica station at the airport Riga is one of two Rail Baltica international stations in Latvia, which, moreover, is being implemented in close connection with the airport development projects. The integration of Rail Baltica high-speed train with the airport infrastructure provides all the necessary preconditions for ensuring intermodal connections that are appropriate for the 21st century; therefore, on behalf of the project, I would like to thank the airport colleagues for the cooperation we have so far, which in the future will only be consolidated in a joint effort to define and implement the best solutions for users. Congratulations to the construction designer on the victory that comes in close connection also with a big responsibility - to be the first to design a sustainable object in the Baltic century project. The agreement signed today confirms once again that the Rail Baltica project is taking ever greater steps towards the maturity of the project: the design phase of the project is commencing with full force.”

Uldis Augulis, Minister of Transport of the Republic of Latvia: „The key for development is the mobility that is ensured via Rail Baltica project by creating a new railway infrastructure in Latvia. Construction of a new railway infrastructure will provide new opportunities for travel for residents and business in Latvia and the Baltics while traveling in the Baltics and in Europe.
The design of Rail Baltica station and main railway line on the territory of International airport Riga is a complicated task we haven’t yet encountered with in Latvia. Therefore the more I am pleased that as a result of the international tender it was possible to attract a team of designers from Latvia, Italy and Slovakia with the necessary experience and knowledge both in the design of European gauge railway and national requirements.
Rail Baltica project has ambitious deadlines, therefore it is important that all parties involved - the designers, the contracting entity, the joint venture of all three Baltic States RB Rail, International Airport Riga, other holders of communications, local municipalities of Marupe and Riga, cooperate by pursuing the achievement of the common goal over the individual interests.
I am convinced that effective cooperation, professionalism, hard work and perseverance will result in the construction of a new multifunctional passenger servicing complex and railway connection between the centre of Riga and airport Riga. It will improve the accessibility of Latvia, promote the development of the airport and strengthen the position of the main market leader in the Baltics.
With the political and financial support of the government, the Saeima and the EU, the Rail Baltica project will bring us into the new century, in which we will no longer be the "island" of transport, but part of the common European transport system and an important partner in passenger and freight transportation in the East-West and South-North directions.”

We remind that Rail Baltica is a railway transport project, which aims to integrate the Baltic States within the European railway network, and at present it covers four European Union countries - Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia. It is envisaged to build in the Baltic states new 870 km long European gauge (1435 mm) railway line with a maximum speed of 240 km/h contributing to mobility of inhabitants and cargo shipments on the North-South axis, as well a sustainable and diversified development of national economies and competitiveness to connect the metropolises Tallinn–Riga–Kaunas–Warsaw–Berlin by fast and eco-friendly railway transport traffic.

About Eiropas Dzelzceļa līnijas:

Eiropas Dzelzceļa līnijas is the implementing party of the project Rail Baltica activities in Latvia. Eiropas Dzelzceļa līnijas continues implementation of the project Rail Baltica in Latvia according to the grant agreement concluded by and between INEA (Innovation and Networks Executive Agency) and the joint venture of all three Baltic States RB Rail, which is the leading project implementer in Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania in parallel.


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