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New summer season flights from Riga Airport: Tampere, Odessa, Kazan, Aberdeen, Stavanger, Geneva, Catania, Liepāja, Madrid, Gothenburg (AirBaltic), Reykjavik, Bari (Wizz Air), Copenhagen (Scandinavian Air System) and Heraklion (Ellinair ). New carrier - RusLine. Enjoy the flight!


Riga Airport aerodrome operations have been restored

On 17 September 2016 from 10:26 to 15:55, the aerodrome of Riga Airport was closed due to landing of airBaltic flight Riga - Zurich in enhanced safety conditions.

The aircraft had a front chassis damage, and airBaltic flight crew decided to return to Riga Airport. This incident led to the suspension of aircraft take-off and landing at the Airport.

After the removal of the aircraft from the runway, the aerodrome operation was restored at 15:55.
Passengers are invited to follow the flight schedule on the Airport website. For information on flight delays and cancellations, please contact the air carrier concerned.