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During the winter season, 18 airlines will operate flights to 76 destinations; among them is Laudamotion Austrian low-cost airport, which will start its service from Riga Airport to the Austrian capital of Vienna and will offer four flights weekly.


Strategic airport noise map

Economic activities have a significant impact on the environment and the population. Aircraft handled at SJSC Riga International Airport generate noise that affects the communities living in the areas around the airport.

The Law on Pollution obliges the Ministry of Transport to elaborate the strategic noise map for the airport. The ministry has delegated this task to the airport specialists.

Although the airport’s own operations do not generate significant direct noise levels, the aircraft of various airlines daily arriving at and departing from the airport create noise emissions. Therefore the environmental noise emissions are the airport’s indirect impact on the environment.

The map comprises the data on the territories exposed to the noise from aircraft, population numbers, various public institutions and noise thresholds in those territories. The purpose of the map is:

  • To raise the public awareness on the noise generated by the aircraft handled at the airport;
  • To collect data for drafting the airport’s noise abatement action plan;
  • To provide information to the European Commission on the environmental noise in the territory of Latvia.

The entire document can be downloaded here (the size of the maps is reduced).

The strategic noise map of SJSC Riga International Airport consists of three parts:

(Documents available only in Latvian.)

Downloading of documents may take several minutes.


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